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Privacy Policy

We do not sell or share your information with other companies. We may, from time to time, contact you asking for reviews, to like us on facebook, or to encourage franchise sales. These emails are not meant to be annoying and can be opted out of at any time. They will not be often. In order to be removed from any emails, please reply to the emails with "Please remove from list" in the subject line and body of the email. We will do the best we can to remove you from our list as soon as possible.

Information we gather

We gather and store information from our various contact forms.

How we use the information we gather

We may contact you periodically.

The people that are given access to this information

Only the Corporate office and the specific operator has access to your specific information. It will never be sold or share with other companies.

The security measures we have in place to protect your personal information

We do not share your information.

Our use of cookies

Our website may make use of cookies which are small digital files that are stored in your web browser that enable us to track your return visits to our website.

Your browser settings may allow you to block these cookies, but we recommend you have them enabled to help us personalize your experience of our website.