May 2019 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Good morning everyone,
Welcome to beautiful May, and for the most part, that means beautiful weather across the United States. We’ve really seen an increase in the product orders and know that you guys are back in full swing.
I would really ask that you respond to the emails that are being sent out to you guys, so we have feedback at the corporate office on the questions that we’re asking you guys. I know the emails have consisted of seminar ideas, call center thoughts, and more.
Another new way of generating revenue is Google local service ads. This has been phenomenal for some of the individuals that have already signed up. As you’ll see here, Dan Child, one of the owners (but operates a franchise system in Sacramento, California) sent this out to all of his franchisees. It’s not going to be in everyone’s area yet as it still being rolled out, but it looks like it could be somewhat of a game changer to help you folks.

“Dear California Franchise Owners,

I hope everyone is doing well and getting busier with the change of weather. Google has a new advertising campaign that is called Google Local Service Ads, which is pay per call instead of pay per click. Google does a free background check and verifies each business insurance and license. This new service is getting greater exposure and pops up on the side advertising the business that are Google Certified. Their contact number is 1-833-272-1444. You can also access it online, but it is easier to let a representative walk you through it.

An advantage of this service is you can narrow the exposure to a specific area, so that you are not paying for leads outside your area. Plan on setting your budget high, for example mine is set at $400 per week. I only paid $66.00 my first week and was able to book 6 jobs. You will have an app on your phone that you will be able to monitor it daily. My son in Long Beach had his budget set at $700 per week, but only used 25% of his budget and was able to book the majority of the leads. There is an advantage to setting the budget high to get the most exposure, but you can decrease the budget at anytime. ”

We would like to welcome Sarah Tilton to the corporate office as our new graphics person. Sarah is in school, majoring in this exact field and knows all of the programs that we use in the office like the back of her hand. She is already working with a franchisee on a new look or an idea to the business cards and will start working on the new branding, with the new van look and stuff in our marketing materials that you all use. As of right now, Sarah works every day in the AM hours.

We continue to see a steady flow of orders coming in on the new van wrap, and the compliments that follow after installation have been very very positive. As far as that being your storefront in a rolling billboard, it really grabs everybody’s attention, and would highly recommend that you take advantage of this. Those that are, see it helping their bottom line and bringing revenue in the door.

I do have access on the master billboard from a technology standpoint that EZ Local provided to me, and it is pretty amazing on the rankings. Some of you are already ranking within 30 days. I had a franchisee tell me that the other company could not get them on the first page after so many years, and within two weeks EZ Local was able to get them on the first page, so everything I’m hearing about them seems to be extremely positive. Issues or changes to your respective website seem to be improved extremely quickly, and your account managers sound like they are very knowledgeable and very quick to fix or add or change, whatever your request might be. The nice thing is that then it doesn’t carry on for days or weeks or months when there’s an issue.

Watch your email for invitations to join upcoming Zoom meetings. We will be making the monthly website SEO training class available to all of you, you will just need to notify Sarah when you receive the email that you would like to be included and the invite link will be sent out to you.

We would like to welcome Aaron and Sammy Bratcher who are new franchisee that started in March and operate around the Bentonville Arkansas area.

I have started calling some of you, and will be continuing to make calls over the next few months to say hello and get to know you and a little bit about your market, talk about your business, and do what we need to do to get you a renewal contract. Again, for any rumors that might’ve been out there, we are not charging any type of renewal fee. I just want to know about you, your territory, what’s making you successful, and then move forward and get you into a current contract. I do take notes on a call sheet I developed, and have been asking if there’s anything that we can do at the corporate office to help you all out in the field, and I do listen to what you have to say.

The last thing would be the monthly royalty fees, and this would be for anybody in a corporate owned state. As you all know, Cody instituted the first raise in fees in October 2016. After he passed away, there was no increase again until April 2018 when the new ownership took over. We decided to get back on the timeline when Cody had instituted this, and as you’ve noticed there was no increase this year in April 2019. We will be waiting until October this year to do the next increase.

-Robert Ashcraft


Last Reminder

I was asked if there was a way that we all, as Heaven’s Best Teammates, might be able to support Tony’s family in this time of need. If you wish to donate to this fund please do so by sending checks to the corporate office. Linda will receive them and take them and deposit them into the account we have set up for his family.  Please make the checks out to  “IN MEMORY OF TONY GIBBONS”


HB Franchises LLC

247 North 1st. East

Rexburg Idaho 83410

All Donations are greatly appreciated. Please send yours in by Friday, May 10th.


About Tandus

Rexburg, ID (May 1st, 2019) – Tandus, a leading floorcovering manufacturer located in Dalton, GA, has recognized Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, headquartered in Rexburg, Idaho as an authorized CertiCARE Service Provider.   The Heaven’s Best franchisee has exhibited through a systematic demonstration that they have a thorough understanding and knowledge of Tandus’ products and how best to maintain and clean its products.

“Heaven’s Best is impressed with the quality and workmanship of Tandus’ floorcoverings, as well as with their leadership in sustainable manufacturing,” said John L. Steiner, of Heaven’s Best.  “Tandus’ closed-loop recycling is just one of its many attributes which defines the company as a leader in the commercial floorcovering industry.”

“After meeting with Mr. Steiner and his team and seeing first-hand the quality of their proprietary, low-moisture cleaning system, we were confident in their ability to clean our products to the level of superiority Tandus maintains,” said John Garger, Product Care Manager, Tandus.

Heaven’s Best is a worldwide leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our unique “dry in one hour” process yields exceptional results and greatly reduces typical carpet dry time. Heaven’s Best cleaning experts can tackle the toughest stains and dirt leaving your carpet looking clean and renewed.

Tandus creates floorcovering solutions that enhance spaces for learning, working, healing, and living through inspired design, leading-edge technology, unprecedented achievement toward sustainability, and an absolute commitment to continued leadership.  Drawing upon each brand’s individual strengths, Tandus offers its customers single-source innovative product design and technology, comprehensive services, and environmental leadership. For more than 40 years, Tandus has been examining all the ways to be a better corporate citizen and environmental steward — and then taking actions that lead to demonstrable, meaningful, quantifiable results.  Based in Dalton, Ga., Tandus can be found online at


New Shopping Cart

If you have yet to create a new account with our new shopping cart, please be sure to do so. If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to call our corporate office.


Shipping Update

May SPECIAL – Quick Boost – buy 5 get 1 free

Disinfectant Deo. has been renamed “germicide”, and is the same product

New Pet Enzyme item #125.1 DO NOT DILUTE. Use straight. Special will be for both products

If you need to get in touch with me please send an email to

With the cost of shipping climbing, please follow your contractual agreement to keep your inventory level at a 30-day supply. Once you get down to your 30-day supply, place your orders for those items. This helps you in case there are any problems in shipping, such as weather and sometimes a missed item in your shipment.  That allows any missed item to be shipped on your next order, and allows you to continue to operate if weather delays your order.  Also, it is just good business practice.

John’s Fix-it Corner

Over the last few months, we have been testing a new pet enzyme with several of our operators and have received great reviews back from them.  So, in the next few weeks, we will start sending out this new product.  I think you will be very pleased with it.  This new pet enzyme comes ready to use – do not dilute.  You can order it under the existing number, which is Product 125.  If you have any questions you can give me a call.

I have had numerous people ask me about the repair and upkeep on their equipment.  They have also had concerns about cleaning methods and general operation practices.  I have found that some of you are not really following the correct maintenance on your vans, your equipment, or even in your cleaning procedures.  There have been numerous ways of things being jury-rigged together.  This rigging might work, but is it really the best solution?  Just because something works, doesn’t mean it is the most efficient, cost-effective, or aesthetically pleasing way of doing it.  It may be the fastest way, but is it the correct way?

I know it is the busy season but be sure to take the time to do things the correct way, not just the fast and easy way.  Let’s be consistent in our quality. We are taking this company to the next level.  In order to do that we have to be consistent in our cleaning, in our maintenance, and in our appearance.  Over the years, the corporate office has received input from franchisees and has researched to find the best way to keep this consistency in quality.  If you would consult your operations manual, or contact the home office, you will find the help you need to keep your quality levels high.

Note: “If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest of them drown, too?”

Have a great month!!