April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Reminders We are so happy that the weather is getting warmer here at the Corporate Office, but we all know what spring and summer bring, more business! Make sure you are ordering enough supplies for the busy season.  We also want to congratulate Eric Davies in Oklahoma for being the first recipient of the new increased franchise referral fee of $3,000!

I was asked if there was a way that we all as Heaven’s Best Teammates might be able to support Tony’s family in this time of need.

If you wish to donate to this fund please do so by the following:

Send checks to the corporate office. Linda will receive them and take them and deposit them into the Account, the idea is to accept donations until 04/30/2019 and then a cashiers check will be made out to the family and the account closed.



HB Franchises LLC

247 North 1st. East

Rexburg Idaho 83410


Shipping Department

April SPECIAL – Orange deo by 5 get 1 Free

Disinfectant deo. will be renamed germicide and thus labeled as such

With the cost of shipping climbing please follow your contractual agreement to keep your inventory level at a 30-day supply – once you get down to your 30-day supply place your orders for those items. This helps you in case there are any problems in shipping such as weather and sometimes a missed item in your shipment.  That allows any missed item to be shipped on your next order and allows you to continue to operate if weather delays your order.  Also, it is just good business practice.

Owner Comments

Hello to everyone out there,

It sure feels like we have turned the corner and that spring is upon us and I for one could not be more excited about that for all of you.

You all have started receiving emails about the new van wrap and logos and we have probably sold about 20 of those wraps so far and the testimonials have been very very positive.

From a franchise owner,

I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know I’ve gotten so many great compliments about the new wrap. It’s definitely a conversation piece and it makes people more interested in our business. I’ve noticed this at grocery stores and restaurants or anywhere we might stop during the day. Thank you again for everything that you’ve done!

Another Franchise Owner,

I have had several calls on the wrap and since it’s parked in front of the house it brings a lot of attention, lots of my neighbors have complimented the wrap.

Another Franchise Owner,

I have noticed a definite increase in the number of calls I’m getting from people driving behind me. I have had 5 calls since. Even though I liked the old wrap, the results speak for themselves. Also, since it wraps the entire van, I don’t have to worry about the paint flaking as all Chevy vans do.

I would highly encourage you to take a look at your web presence if you have a website and how you are ranking. We do have two companies that we work with and at the very least you should be working with a web development company on your SEO not only from a local standpoint but if you have a large area from a more broader SEO standpoint.

I know some of you do not have a website at all and in this day and age, it could be harmful to your business without having a website and knowing that your competitors do. It is 2019 and you’re leaving yourself behind in getting more business and market share.

As you all know we do corporate training for new franchise sales every month. There is a portion of the training that deals with website SEO development, Google ad words and so forth. This training is going to be made available to those that would like to attend. If you would like to attend that training you will need to reach out to Linda via email and she will make sure that you receive the appropriate invite.

The 2 website companies that we work with are:

1- EZ Local

2- EZ Net Tools

We have been receiving some financial donations on behalf of Tony Gibbons who passed away in a tragic accident last month in Fort Dodge Iowa. I have spoken to the family and have let them know what is going on as far as the memorial account that’s been set up and they were extremely appreciative of the idea that one of you franchisees had. If you have any questions on how to contribute to the memorial please contact Linda at the corporate office. She will be taking the monies over to beehive credit Union in Rexburg and depositing the money up through the end of this month. At that time she will close the account and send a cashiers check with a corporate contribution made to his family.

From the Corporate office, we appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate your thoughts and ideas immensely. Keep em coming!!!!!

Robert Ashcraft robert@heavensbest.com


John’s Fix-it Corner

Spring is here and everyone is ready to go to work and make the big bucks. I would like to talk to you about some of our tile cleaning products. They are Grout Treater and Wax & Shine. I think there is a little confusion on when to use them. After you have cleaned the tile and grout the next step is to apply the Grout Treater.

Put your turbo fan out so it will dry the floor.  This will help get the moisture out of the little holes in the grout. Then apply the grout treater by spraying, wiping, rolling, or any other way that will put down a nice thin coat. Have your customers stay off the floor for 1-2 hours and this will help protect the grout.

Wax & Shine is a wax and not recommended for use on tile. The downside of using this on tile is the time it takes to apply it. Your customers don’t like paying you for the 2 hours it takes to apply. Also, when it has a lot of traffic use, the wax will chip and scratch and can look bad. Then they will want you to fix it. The last thing is when you go back and clean it you have to strip the old wax off and that’s a lot of work.

If you have any questions give me a call and I will talk this over with you.

Note: The latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world’s population.